Wazuh plugin for Yandex Cloud

История релизов OpenNix Yandex Cloud Audit Plugin

29-12-2023: Updates


  • All bugs and development process has been moved to Jira
  • Cleanup old bug and tickets
  • Separate projects per cloud
  • New naming convention:
    • YC-[MARKET-PLACE-PRODUCT-NAME]` for Yandex Cloud for tickets
    • VK-[MARKET-PLACE-PRODUCT-NAME] for VK Cloud for tickets
    • COR - Customer other requests
    • SIR - Security issues and requests

OpenNix Yandex Cloud Audit Plugin version 1.0.0


  • OPNYC-1: YC-WAZUH: poor performance


  • OPNYC-2: YC-WAZUH: logging system
  • OPNYC-3: YC-WAZUH: Support for Yandex Cloud Management OpenSearch
  • OPNYC-6: YC-WAZUH: Migration Wazuh base image from Ubuntu to Ubuntu Hardening
  • OPNYC-7: YC-WAZUH: Integration Wazuh image with Yandex Cloud OS Login

in progress

  • OPNYC-4: In house version of plugin for on-prem Wazuh
  • OPNYC-5: Implementation of integration Wazuh with YandexGPT